FAQ Glossary

Title Definition
assignment of license When a license and/or permit is given, donated or sold from the current licensee to an entirely different entity.
co-channel Operating on the same channel.
EAS Emergency Alert System
first-adjacent One channel away, +/- 200 kHz, one click of the dial away.
HAAT Height Above Average Terrain. The height of the location in respect to nearby land area.
LCRA Local Community Radio Act of 2010.
RBPA Radio Broadcast Preservation Act. Mandated third-adjacent channel protections for LPFM. Most provisions (except for pirate radio) were repealed with the Local Community Radio Act of 2010.
RM-11749 The REC petition for rulemaking to allow eligible LPFM stations to upgrade to 250 watts. The so-called LP-250 proposal. The proceeding is open for comments between May 15 and June 15, 2015.
second-adjacent Two channels away. +/- 400 kHz. Two clicks of the dial.
silent When a station is not operating for an extended period of time. A station must receive authorization from the FCC to be off the air for more than 30 days. If a station is silent for more than 365 days, the license is cancelled by matter of law.