What does the REC LP-250 proposal RM-11749 ask for?

The following are the main points of RM-11749 are:

  • The ability for many LPFM stations to be able to upgrade to 250 watts at 30 meters above average terrain.
  • Removing a redundant restriction on the location of FM translators commonly owned by LPFM licensees.
  • Doubling the distance that an LPFM station can move as a minor change.
  • Changing the local programming requirement for LPFM stations that are subject to time sharing and the local programming pledge to only be obligated to run local programming for one-third of their programming day instead of a flat 8 hours.
  • Allowing LPFM stations in extenating circumstances to have boosters.
  • Place a second adjacent channel overlap requirement for FM translators in respect to LPFM stations to assure a level playing field.
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