Can the FCC grant a waiver of the Local Community Radio Act?

The Local Community Radio Act (LCRA) is a statute that was passed by Congress.  Any rules instituted by the FCC that were intended to implement the LCRA can not be waived if such a waiver would be in contravention with the LCRA. 


Some of the major aspects of the LPFM service that can not be changed due to a statutory requirements of the LCRA include:

  • The required spacing between LPFM stations and "full-service" FM stations to distances less than those shown in §73.807 of the FCC rules when the LCRA was passed.  (Note: The LP-10 chart was still in §73.807 when the LCRA was passed.) (LCRA Section 3(a))
  • Waiving third adjacent channel spacing when the third-adjacent channel station carries a radio reading service. (LCRA Section 4)
  • Elevating the status of LPFM to something other than secondary and equal in status to FM translators (LCRA Section 5).
  • Waiving the periodic announcements for third-adjacent channel stations (LCRA Section 7).
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