Can one LPFM station simulcast another LPFM station?

Yes however, the two LPFM stations can not be in a time brokerage agreement nor can two LPFM stations reach a management agreement.  In other words, two LPFM stations can share programs and simultaneously run them as long as one station does not pay the other station (cash or other consideration) as that would be a time brokerage agreement and both stations must have independent management teams and there is no agreement that one station will manage the operations of the other. REC recommends that stations wishing to simulcast to also run different programming on the stations for a part of the day.  In all cases, the two stations should independently carry their own fundraising messages as an LPFM station can not raise funds for another organization including another LPFM station. 


§73.860(e) - Cross-ownership
§73.879 - Signal Retransmission

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