FAQ Glossary

Title Definition
third-adjacent Three channels away. +/- 600 kHz. 3-clicks of the dial.
third-party fundraising A non-commercial station (LPFM or full-power) interrupts programming to solicit funds for a non-profit organization other than the station's organization. (Such as a radiothon or a pledge break style interruption.) This activity is prohibited under FCC rules. The FCC may waive the rules in the aftermath of a major disaster.
TIS Travelers Information Station. A low power 10-watt AM that can be licensed under Part 90 of the FCC rules to public safety agencies and park districts that can be used to broadcast information about a local area. The most common use of TIS is at airports and in construction zones.
transfer of control Notification to the FCC when one or more officers, directors or major shareholders is removed, added or changed. The corporation name and mission of the organization remains the same.