When can I move a station more than 5.6 km away?

LPFM stations can only move more than 5.6 km if they are in a time share agreement and the move will allow them to co-locate with the time share partner.  

LPFM stations that are currently short spaced to a third-adjacent channel station may move to a location that is within 500 meters of that station as long as all other §73.807 spacing (including second-adjacent channel waivers) are met and as long as localism requirements are still kept.  

The FCC has already granted some applicants moves of over 5.6km on waiver requests.  Some of these moves included "compelling" reasons such as a lack of available sites within 5.6 km.  There is also a loophole that may permit you to move up to 6.499 km without a specific compelling reason.

REC is aware of the circumstances behind both moves and we strongly suggesting retaining us in the event you wish to consider such a move.  

Just know there is no guarantee that the FCC will grant any kind of waiver.

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